Ray Johnson From 77 Alpha Talks Training

Ray Johnson has earned his stripes the right way. A military veteran and very experienced executive and close protection agent and security officer, Ray evolved into an instructor years ago. Certified at the highest level in just about every discipline there is in the security industry, Ray now owns and operates 77 Alpha, a contract training company. He works out of Tampa, FL but his services have been contracted around the globe. Ray joins us on the show to discuss training and his path to success in the business.

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Former Law Enforcement Officer and SWAT Operator and now Security Agency Owner in the State of Florida specializing in Executive Protection and High Threat Security Contracts. NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, ASP Instructor, Sabre Aerosol Projectile Instructor, and Florida K-3300045 license Instructor. I still work contracts, Instruct, serve on my church safety team and I have a thing or two to say about our industry. Married with four small children, two dogs and a rabbit. God is always first.

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