Why Boxing May Be Best

I’ve get a lot of pushback when I suggest that they add some boxing workouts to their training regimen. When the uninitiated hear the word boxing, they visualize a security officer senselessly punching the stuffing out of some hapless citizen and the monumental blowback that would surely come afterward.

Most people who don’t box fail to realize that boxing is not just about punching people. The equally important skill vital in boxing is learning how not to get hit.

The initial objective when learning to box is to develop a solid and balanced base from which to work and then learn how to move with that base while keeping it intact to defend or strike effectively when required.

That strike may well be a punch, but it may also be the deployment of a weapon, lethal or less lethal, from a stable and solid platform while under attack. It could be the position from which a submission hold gets applied or the base from which agility, speed, and balance are used to get away from an attacker with a knife or other proximity weapon.

Boxing improves your hand-eye coordination, your reflexes, hand speed, foot speed, balance, and to a great degree, your conditioning. You will also benefit from the many skills you gain and learn from boxing, such as defensive skills, balance, movement, and the calm during a confrontation learned from hours of sparring and training.

You may never choose to throw a punch as a weapon in the line of duty, but you will be supremely confident in any conflict knowing that you can be very effective at defending because you are well-trained.

You should learn boxing from an actual boxing instructor in a real boxing gym to be effective. These are the kind of coaches that punch people or did at one time, not the cardio box or some other bounce-around-a-gym-just-to-get-sweaty type of class or coach. You want to learn the fundamental skills, discipline, and mindset essential to the actual sport of boxing.

I am not advocating that boxing should not be your only self-defense training style, but it should certainly be a fundamental part of your overall program.

Be realistic about your goals when you start. Even the most seasoned street fighters begin at square one when learning to box. If you are like most, you will soon fall in love with the training and sport, and the more time you put into perfecting your skills, the sooner you start looking and feeling like a skilled boxer.

These are some great youtube channels to watch to learn fundamental skills and some boxing drills you can work on.

Tony Jeffries
Dungeon Boxing Club
Precision Striking

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