Memorial Day: For Those That Gave It All, And Those They Left Behind

It’s Memorial Day and the day off work is being spent, by most people, with friends and loved ones. But for so many today is not a joyful day. It’s a day to remember those who lost their lives serving our country. For those that have lost family or loved ones, the day is more of a time to honor those lost. Remembering them happens every day. It may be a picture, a familiar moment, a place or scent or a song that brings back a flood of memories.

In my experience, you never heal from a loss like that. First there is the initial shock, then the mourning process and when all the sympathy cards, posts and messages stop coming and the everyone returns to the daily flow of life, you are left to pick up what remains and try to get through each day. Some are better than others at that, faith in God can help immensely, but life is never the same again.

So today my ask is for everyone to take a quiet moment for those that gave it all, and those left behind.

Someone may need a call today, or a message, or a post. All could use a prayer if you are so inclined.

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