Review Of The NEW Micro Compact FN Reflex

In April of this year FN released the new 9mm Micro Compact Reflex, their response to the wave of micro compacts to hit the market in the past couple years. If it’s FN you can generally expect something special and this extensive review and comparison with the Hellcat and P365 illuminates some very alluring features.

It’s a hammer fired weapon but the hammer is hidden internally. Pay attention to how smoothly the trigger pull and break is compared to the striker fired pistol. For those that insist that compact pistols are not accurate, this FN Reflex trigger makes a strong counter point given how smooth and easy this trigger pull is. It comes with an 11 and a 15 round magazine and many well thought out features making the Reflex a solid contender for the working Executive Protection agent and other professionals that carry concealed, as well as a solid every day carry for your average and much appreciated 2A supporter.

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